Day 13: Gone with the wind

The weather has been awesome on this trip, but the wind has not been on our side. After a longer stop at Rabotbreen/Rabot glacier, we have now decided to change our planned route.


We are going to follow the wind and team up with the forces of nature to get back home. We are heading for Longyearbyen with the wind. We hope to arrive in Longyearbyen before this weekend. It all depends on the wind, but we expect it to take somewhere between one and three days. If we get good wind tomorrow we can get there in one day, but with no wind it will take us up to three days to walk.

The weather forecast for the next week shows light head wind, which makes crossing the glacier risky, and it increases the possibility of falling into crevasses. We don’t want that to happen.  And that is why we are heading back. We work with the forces of nature, not against them.


Right now we are in Sassendalen/Sassen Valley. Today has been totally awesome. The best on the whole trip. We have kited 20 kilometres in only 1,5 hour. Finally we are playing on the same team as the wind. Not to forget – powder snow and beautiful weather. Today has been worth the whole trip alone. This is what we came here for. To kite! Today Svalbard was the coolest place on earth to kite.

We have loads of great pictures and film from kiting, camping, glaciers and spectacular nature – and we can’t wait to show you all of it. ❤

The atmosphere is the team is great, but we have to admitt that we are really looking forward to take a long shower now. Shower, shave, spa and some fresh underwear. We stink. Haha. 😀


PS! We have still not seen any polar bears, except from Kari – who keeps seeing them everywhere. 🙂

All photos in this post are from last weekend and photographed by: Francisco Mattos

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