Expedition day 2-4: All sorts of weather – and an involuntary ice bath

Today we have arrived at Svea. Four days into the expedition, we have had all kinds of weather. White out, snow blizzard, bright blue sky, sun, wind and calm. Plus degrees, sub-zero temperatures and freezing. In only 12 hours it went from minus 25 Celsius degrees to plus 2 Celsius degrees. Crazy! Right now it’s minus 6 degrees and snowing. We have skied some of the way and we’ve kited some of the way. Also, Cecilie had an involuntary ice bath – in surface water on the sea ice.

Around 8 pm Saturday evening, on day 3, Cecilie ended up in the freezing cold surface water with sled, skis and kite. Fortunately, it went really well and we never felt that there was any danger. We have practiced on rescue in loads of different situations, and here we got a good confirmation that what we have learned actually worked really well in a real situation. Everyone did his or her part in the rescue. Cecilie took it with a smile and gave orders about what we should do from the water. We got her up very fast. She was fine, but both she and all the equipment was soaking wet. We set up an emergency camp out on the ice to get Cecilie warmed up again. Fortunately, we have very warm wool from Devold and excellent sleeping bags from Helsport. 🙂 🙂 🙂


We have camped at three different locations so far. Last night was out on the sea ice. The weather was not the best, with zero visibility and snowstorm, but we were ok. It is not the best place to camp out on the sea ice since that is where the polar bears hunt for seals. We have had a polar bear watch every night, but we haven’t seen any bears yet. Except from Kari. Ha ha. She is constantly spotting polar bears. The closest we have come is the cuddle polar bear Kari has on her backpack. He’s the expedition mascot and his name is Truls. In addition, there is a stuffed one here at Svea.


Tonight we are camping at Svea. The plan is to dry all our clothes and equipment properly. The weather forecast is reporting colder weather again the next days. Hopefully we get lots of wind so we can get out of “polar bear land” which we are still in. We can also report about loads of snow, very few mosquitoes and crazy beautiful mountains. The boys are sun burned. Ha ha.

Here is the planned route for tomorrow. We are really enjoying our adventure so far and we look forward to the journey ahead.

Kart dag 5

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